Topless freedom is not an invitation to be "that guy".
Around April 2022 I read an article in which the German city of Göttingen became the first city in Germany to allow bathers of all genders to swim…
Just because something is unlikely, does that mean we shouldn’t try?
Sometimes, readers of my blog or followers of my social media posts will respond, and my first reaction answer can sometimes come across as short and…

February 2023

Sex sells, while simple nudity doesn’t.
A contact I follow on Twitter, Dan, recently posted a Tweet announcing how wonderful naturists are at telling other naturists that they are naturists…
I guess for many of my readers it is unusual to hear about summer in January, but for us down here at the bottom of the Pacific, January and February…
I enjoy it when newer readers to my blog reach out and comment on my writing. Recently I received a message from a reader, Kelly, regarding my blog from…

January 2023

Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth. (Mahatma Gandhi) In an earlier blog, I did a bit of digging into how many naturists there…
I imagine that many of you will have heard of or may even know Helen and Simon Berriman. The Berrimans are a U.K. couple who actively promote naturism…
Calling out companies and advertisers for the way they represent nudists.
(Title borrowed from Douglas Adams)