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In the 1980s here in the USA we had the McMartin Preschool trial. Some of the accusations by students were described as "bizarre", overlapping with accusations that mirrored the emerging satanic ritual abuse panic. It was alleged that, in addition to having been sexually abused, they saw witches fly, traveled in a hot-air balloon, and were taken through underground tunnels. When shown a series of photographs by Danny Davis (the McMartins' lawyer), one child identified actor Chuck Norris as one of the abusers.

It has only gotten worse over the years. It seems we are now back to the Salem Witch Trials era.

As for the virtuousness of Christians, pastors and youth pastors are frequently in the news for perpetrating crimes against children.

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Some good points, Steve - but one or two things to qualify further, I feel.

When you say, "I am not opposed to people identifying however they like", fair enough if that's your decision based on what you believe. However, in the light of all the "woke" bullshit and ridiculous transgender ideology that is pervading society's common sense in the name of freedom, I take a different stance because I see the progression of this crazy agenda resulting in a multitude of very disillusioned and broken people.

We are now at the stage where tampon dispensing machines are being installed in boys' bathrooms in some U.S. schools, and anyone with a penis can use women's facilities if they choose to identify as any of the more-than-100 genders that fit the use of women's rooms best.

There is a very interesting statement made in the book of Isaiah, in chapter 59, verse 14, that talks about a day when justice would be lacking and truth would “fall in the streets”. It's probably nothing new, but clearly, we are living in just such a time right now!

Our "woke" social constructivist thought tells us that there is no objective truth and what matters is “our truth”. But this kind of “truth” is subject to humanity’s desires and can be easily changed to fit the latest social trends. A standard this fickle can never serve as a rudder for an identity-starved generation!

What will society look like when a generation, perhaps Gen Z, becomes disillusioned by the ideology that says, “life is without boundaries” and “the only objective truth that exists is what each person identifies as true”? It's a very scary thought!

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Excellently put!! Peter Ellis' case was a frightening example of the injustice of misguided emotion - let us hope that that example is never forgotten in our country! (Though I suspect that, in many cases, it already has been!)

Thanks for your article - it has made me examine some of my own prejudices - and here I was, thinking I didn't have any!

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I'm so old, I remember when Minority advocates used to want to be treated like other people, with the same rights and privilages. Now many/some want to change the world to suit themselves, starting with redefining vocabulary, and the flouting of norms.

I think a lot of the hate/pushback is just regular folks annoyed at being lectured at, condescended to, and bullied by "gotcha" language designed to silence. Virtue signaling on steroids. I recall decades of acceptance for drag acts on mainstream tv and theatre, and at clubs, and occasionally not, but now it seems they are compulsory displays of correctthink at schools, libraries, etc. and not attending is construed as a statement of hate.

We celebrate diversity until noticing that the votes against gay marriage or unlimited abortion come from immigrant neighbourhoods or religious groups that aren't the usual ones that it is acceptable to mock. (cf priests).

I eagerly await gender equality at teacher's colleges. Affirmative action, anyone?

i do think back a few months to a previous post by BOP about a so-called TERF being silenced in NZ ...

and i notice the rise of GLB associations that exclude T as being a war on gay people. Trans away the gay, I think the saying goes. All interesting conversations that should be heard and heeded or dismissed as the listener wishes. But not silenced either physically or by hate speech.

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Hi, a very well written article. Full of clarity.

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Nice! A convincing synthesis of points from events both past and present.

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