You are right: "public nudity sits well outside of the Overton window frame." With exceptions, as you note.

I don't see the situation improving all that much in an increasingly conservative world, especially in the United States and Canada. The U.K., on the other hand, is way ahead and their Overton window frame is much broader -- for now.

But naturists will always be a minority seen as an odd fringe group by many. Still, I'm with you: we should push the boundaries and raise awareness with the hope that we will make more gains.


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It's certainly interesting that when a person complains about seeing someone naked and that they were "offended", that the offence is more than likely due to context rather than being horrified by the appearance of the naked human form. As you say, a person passing me while hiking naked on a forest trail may have no problem with my nakedness - perhaps even stopping for a friendly chat. But that same person could well claim to be offended if they met me shopping naked in a supermarket.

It is definitely important to push the boundaries and gently stretching that sphere of acceptance - the Overton Window.. But it's a fine balance between pushing to reshape and pushing that causes a damaging backlash. It's an ongoing process, as you mentioned toward the end - push forward three to gain one, then push for three again to achieve another, and on we go. Changing attitudes and expanding the window is slow, but certainly achievable if enough are motivated.

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Aug 4, 2022Liked by BOPBadger

+To make that "bad" Putin mad we are not using textiles and the A/C is off. The backyard is only partially shaded, but good enough that so far we did not get arrested.

+I completely agree with the conclusions of the article, specifically that people behaving outside the established window contribute greatly to the necessary progress of the society.

+I am European and if I cannot go nude to protect myself from being arrested I wore speedos. Always.

+While the article is correct in all reasoning and conclusions, it can also be used for an explanation why the nudist parks do not experience an exponential growth as one would expect if compared to progress the sex industry has made. To understand what I mean, substitute the people reading the paper nude in different scenarios with people engaged in making love, and substitute general public with today's supposedly open minded nudists. You have the answer.


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