Not unusual and I hope you all can attend the summer festival this year! https://twitter.com/Enatfestival/status/1630316431697903616

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Well said. Climate Change is upon us and and hopefully Big Tech can help us in the right direction as well. i.e Wind power; Hydro power, Solar power, Desalinization etc together with maintaining forest growth amongst many other items.

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Feb 10, 2023Liked by BOPBadger

Good read as always. As regards climate change it doesn't matter if you beleive it or not there is only one logical response. As follows.

If climate change is anthropogenic then if we try to take action we might just mitigate it.

If its not anthropogenic then any actions we take will have no effect.

Therefore logically taking action is the only course of action.

Add to that any reduction in current over consumption must reduce output pollution so is a logical way to live.

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I feel for you. It seems no one is untouched by the growing effects of climate change. And New Zealand was the place some wealthy people in the west planned to escape to if civilization falls.

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We have had very unseasonable, heavy rains in the U.S. also. Much flooding that caused significant amounts of damage. The temperatures have been extreme with lower lows and higher highs than normal. There is also the ongoing issues ongoing, worsening drought in our western states. Do I blame global climate change. Absolutely. For all of us global citizens we will have to expect extreme variability in the weather with extreme highs becoming more disruptive to all life.

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Hopefully current bad weather translates into late long dry summer ahead. Hard to predict. Well said Peter. There is only so much we can do.

Cattle gas omissions regulation is absurd. Beach clean up crews are great.

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Feb 9, 2023Liked by BOPBadger

I think your point about the reality of sweeping water from your garage is a good one. Whether somebody believes in climate change or not, even those with their heads stuck in the sand are going to notice the sand is far more wetter than it ever used to be.

People are sense checking the air temperature rather than the marine temperature, which is the one we actually need to worry about.

The cyclone currently heading for NZ is picking up moisture and energy from the warmer than normal ocean. This is going to become a recurring pattern and sadly people will start considering that to be the norm.

On the point about tagging the environment, we volunteer to pick up rubbish from our local beaches.

Even when the beach looks “clean” we can still fill a 60L sack with plastic waste and other rubbish every single day!

I would argue that boaties are the worse offenders based on the type of rubbish we find. Anglers run a close 2nd. The amount of nylon line and tackle we pick up is terrifying.

Day trippers in a single day can produce a week’s worth of trash. Anything from spoiled nappies left for others to deal with, to food waste left in packaging at the beach.

If everybody was made to do trash duty in the community for just one week, they’d almost certainly change their behaviour as they witness first hand the impact on the environment.

That’s part of the problem in my mind. So many people have disconnected from the natural environment, they simply have no notion of what’s going on.

Maybe not until a big enough storm washes their house from its foundations and directly impacts them.

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I'm in the Northern hemisphere and I see the extreme weather you guys are having...take care. We're family. I have you in my heart and prayers. Stay safe and stay bare.

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